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Herbal Tea as Medicine


Armenia is famous for brandy, tasty dishes and mountains. But not least are Armenian tea and herbs that are well-known both in Russia and in European countries.
Armenians originally used herbs as remedial herbs, then developed them into tea. Many herbs are now available and served as tea. It does not lose its healing and relaxing properties, moreover an aesthetic look and the right recipe makes tea the best drink.
Some types of herbs and berries are widely distributed in Armenia and their use has a beneficial effect on the human body. Proper nutrition and folk medicine experts recommend adding to various herbs and berries to black or green tea which will provide health, good immunity, beauty and strength.

Rosehip tea

Rosehip tea will relieve swelling and excess weight because it has a diuretic effect. It can be drunk no more than 3 times a day. It helps with colds.

Linden tea

Linden tea has a beneficial effect on the immune and nervous system, soothes and protects against viruses. It has a very positive effect when it is infused with green tea, adding a few flowers and leaves of linden. It can be drank daily in the morning and in the evening, especially when there is feeling of mental and physical weakness.

Nettle tea

This type of tea, has a beneficial effect on patients with anemia, contains vitamins C, K, B12, A and Ca. It is often advisable to take in diets. Nettle tea is also useful in many diseases such as diabetes, kidney stones, and ulcers. It also helps to control appetite.

Dandelion tea

This tea has a diuretic effect. It also lowers cholesterol content in the blood. It is not recommended to drink before sleeping.